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Boarding Form

Owner's Name

Boarding Drop off/ Pick up Hours:
Monday: 7:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. & 2:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
Tuesday-Friday: 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 7:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
**Sunday discharge is offered upon request between 9:00-9:30 a.m. and 4:30-5:00 p.m. Clients requesting to pick up on Sunday will be required to have a credit card on file to be charged on Saturday prior to discharge during business hours.**
**Animals will be admitted and discharged ONLY during specified hours**

Duration of Stay: Day-In / Day-Out
**As we want to assure that every pet goes home clean, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND all dogs be bathed prior to discharge.**
What medication(s) is your pet on?
Feeding Instructions
Canine Pamper Package (Please fill out Canine Pamper Form)
Feline Pamper Package (Please fill out Feline Pamper Form)
In the unlikely event your pet becomes ill or injured while boarding, I agree to have (please check one)

**We will take every effort to maintain the condition and cleanliness of a pet’s personal item(s). However, please understand that personal items such as bedding, toys, or dishes may become damaged or soiled during a pet’s stay, and we are not financially responsible for items. **

Parasite Prevention

Pets staying at our boarding facility must be on flea prevention. If fleas are found on your pet during his/her stay, your pet will be treated for fleas at the owner’s expense.


In order to prevent the spread of intestinal parasites, pets that are admitted for boarding must be up to date on an intestinal parasite test (stool sample). If your pet is overdue on his/her fecal check, we will collect a sample during their stay. Testing and treatment will be at the owner’s expense.


All pets being admitted for boarding must have proof of current vaccines. Dogs are required to be up to date on Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. Cats are required to be up to date on Rabies and FVRCP, current Leukemia vaccine or prior negative test. If your pet is not up to date on vaccines at time of boarding admittance, vaccines will be administered at the owner’s expense. If your pet is vaccinated at another veterinary hospital, proof must be provided prior to boarding drop off time. If vaccines cannot be verified at time of boarding admittance, we will vaccinate according to our guidelines and at the owner’s expense.

Payment in full is expected when pet is released. No pet can be released until payment is made. The undersigned has read and understands the above and as owner or agent for the owner agrees to the above and to be responsible for any expenses incurred while boarding.

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